A Man Without Understanding but much Knowing

Carlos Castañeda will be the Mayor of ATLANTIA!

For me, It is Consensual.


"It is not the fight of the bull in the ring, but the soft desire of the misplaced spectator who wishes the bull to have vengeance against the bastadors. . . . . . .but, never forget the rodeo clown is watching."

-Carlos Castañeda

Write me in for mayor. You can do it, baby!

baby website
Me with a Baby and a Lady

Babies come from ladies and men are usually involved unless she has been touched by a machine or a little elf or god.


Disclaimer:The lady is not pictured, but you have my cold hard American word, she is present. Can you feel her presence?

gun for the website
Me with a gun

Guns are not only a sex catalyst. They protect you from control freaks, sad people, demons, and beast. Buy one when you can and learn. In America we can own guns because we are not subjects like many other unfortunate people on this earth. When I was a boy, I always wanted to wear army pants.

Me comforting the workers of atlantia!

It was a taxing day of labor for us all, but at the end of the day we all smiled and gave thanks to our bones and our skin, for covering our bones, like a built in blanket. . . . . .As one can see, in the picture on the bottom left, I am carrying the burden of the worker of Atlantia, I believe his name was Margaret.


Even though your labor pains may sometimes be too laborious, I want you to know this, "when you are working, it is really me working through you, so the pain is mine, there will be none for you. Hopefully one day work will be something we do for recreation, like hunting and fishing and $%#@ing were the works of yesteryear."


-Carlos Castañeda

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